One of the biggest goals I have for this business, is not only to save money for my own college education, but to also give back to someone else. I’ve created a scholarship fund to be awarded each year. I’m able to do this by donating 10% of the proceeds each month. Finally, I am looking to now include local craft makers and artisans to support their business, and to use their creations in my box. At BBBrave, I believe that every girl is beautiful & brilliant in her mind and soul. I especially believe every girl is brave! Brave enough to accomplish whatever she wants, whether it be grades, sports, music, arts, family or friends. My ultimate mission is to create a place where girls can share their story, feel included and inspire each other.  I believe that every girl, no matter her background and lifestyle, deserves to feel her absolute best in her own body and soul. 


More information to come by March 1st.